Frequently Asked Questions

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On this page you will find the answers to some commonly asked questions about our trips and travel packages, both group and individual or custom travel. If you find that your questions are not answered by this document, please feel free to email us with your other questions.

  • How about airfare - do I have to purchase it separately?

    At the time you book your tour, you can either purchase your airfare on your own, or you can have us locate the lowest possible airfare through one of our travel agent partners.

  • Do you ever sell just tickets to events?

    We do sell just tickets, however the best value comes with our all-inclusive travel packages.

  • When I travel with Tele-Sports, what type of hotel can I stay in and where will it be?

    We cater to many different types of hotels, from budget properties like a Days Inn all the way to four and five star properties like Sheratons and Marriotts. As for location, we try and accommodate the traveler as best we can by arranging for their hotels to be as close to the stadium or event as possible. There are times, due to either demand for an event or a budget limitation, where the hotel property will not be as close but the quality will be the same as closer properties. We work closely with many hotel properties to have ample availability throughout the year.

  • What is your reservation policy?

    At the time of booking, you will pay a non-refundable deposit totaling 50% of the package price. The balance will be due 60 days prior to departing.

  • What is your cancellation policy?

    All trips may be cancelled with written notice to Tele-Sports more than 60 days prior to your departure. Please keep in mind, that all deposits are non-refundable.

  • How do you ship your final documents?

    Final documents are shipped via Federal Express 5-10 days prior to your trip. Your final documents will include your game tickets, your hotel confirmation number, your rental car vouchers and your plane tickets if applicable. Due to the nature of our business, game tickets may have to be delivered directly to your hotel and left at the front desk or concierge.

  • How long do I have to book a tour?

    All packages are based upon availability at the time of booking and are subject to change.